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Our Story

We have been thinking about starting this new adventure for awhile, as a way to provide a meaningful service and place where friendships are made in a beautiful setting. We found this terrific 115 acre property in the tiniest of towns called Talking Rock...

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Our Story Continued

...a quaint, small city that flourished in the late 1800s, and is still the place to go for unique stores, gift shops, and antiques. It has a little museum and a nice park on the river, where visitors can picnic, and enjoy a cold beer in a vintage rail car at the Talking Rock Brewery. There are nearby creeks, rivers and lakes for swimming, boating, kayaking, and fishing, as well as numerous fantastic hiking trails - we are near the start of the Appalachian trail and Amicalola Falls, the tallest waterfall in the Southeast.


There are many beautiful nearby wineries, breweries and distilleries; there are many nearby festivals all year long. There are many arts and crafts outlets, in addition to many local community theaters. We are near a University performing arts center, which has quality and diverse theater productions.


There are a host of other things to do nearby. From fine golf courses, fly fishing outings, trail horseback riding, interesting historical museums, to a state of the art car racing track (bring your own car or rent one) or a fabulous skeet shooting facility nearby.


We love the outdoors, love hiking and pretty much everything outside, haha, and my wife keeps telling me for years to look for a piece of land. It finally dawned on me that there really is almost no place to go in North Georgia for a full time motorcoach RVer. It’s such a shame, because there is so much beauty here. and whether you come or go to Florida, the Carolinas, TN and the beach, right here at the foothills of the Appalachians is a perfect place to stop. What many don’t know is that you can visit during all four seasons! The winters are usually dry and sunny, yes, there are some cool days with crisp nights, but gorgeous. The rest of the seasons are generally warm, with the summer being a little cooler than the rest in the south because of the elevation and woods.


My aunt Phyllis has been a full timer for many years, and we learned many things from her. We have loved camping - we even camped during our honeymoon in Switzerland, it was gorgeous. and we love the Mediterranean. and so the idea arose for a Motorcoach only resort, to create a small and beautiful place carved out in the hills of Talking Rock, a place where like minded people can meet, make new friendships and share in our dream of creating a resort with miles of onsite hiking trails, a large water feature with fountain, 65 large lots with full hookups spread out over several sections of the park and nestled within the woods, individual patios with fire pits, community fire pits, pickleball courts, and other games, together with an Italian style pool and clubhouse - to complete our Mediterranean themed resort.  


We are so excited, and we hope you are too! - and hope you would like to be part of this experience!

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